Warring Stakes

An Incentivized Testnet Challenge


Warring Stakes Announcement:

We’re Thrilled to announce Meter’s Incentivized testnet challenge - Warring Stakes! We want to offer you, our early supporters, the opportunity to participate in our network by putting your validation and mining skills to the test for a chance to win mainnet MTRG tokens, test your validation setup and help us uncover any vulnerabilities before out mainnet launch.

Key Dates:


  • Nov 12 - Applications start
  • Dec X - Stake Runners’ Incentivized Testnet Competition starts
  • Dec X – Meter sends out required docs to join the network
  • Dec X - On-boarding of participants ends
  • Dec X – Competition ends after 3-5 weeks, depending on the amount of testing required.

Why Join Our Tesnet Competition?


  • Earn MTRG tokens
  • Gain an early-mover advantage
  • Solidify your presence on the Meter network
  • Build, test, tweak, and optimize your mainnet node at an early stage
  • Have awesome fun, meet, compete, and network with likeminded, keen blockchain enthusiasts
  • Meter network gets tested for bugs and vulnerabilities

Bug Bounty:

Incentive structure: 

  • Every Testnet participant will receive a minimum amount of x tokens for keeping up a node for the duration of the competition.
  • Additional bounties are also rewarded with additional MTRG Mainnet tokens

    • Join the test network by running a node with at least the minimum requirements
    • Run valuable tests to benchmark the performance of the network.
    • Push the network to its limits (by means of a high number of transactions and nodes) and run valuable benchmarks on the network
    • Reproduce a bug that prevents users from participating in the network, e.g. preventing them from creating an account, stake tokens, or run a node
    • Collude with players to censor the network and prevent other players from participating in consensus activities
    • Create an invalid blockchain state
    • Overload the entire network
            • Gain control of the network 
            • Uncover a critical bug that could significantly slow down or halt the network
            • Break consensus
            • Commit ‘theft’ (e.g. unauthorized movement of funds, access to private keys, etc.)
            • Exploit misconfigured validator nodes or trick them into running your corrupted code (without breaking the rules)


          By registering for the Warring Stakes’ Incentivized Testnet Competition participants undertake to abide fully to the rules noted below.

          Participants shall under no circumstances:

          • Conduct attacks against other participants that go beyond the functionality of the Meter testnet (e.g. by means of planting/spreading viruses, social engineering, hacking into other players’ machines, or through any other types of malicious attacks whatsoever)
          • Sybil attack the network at registration in order to delegate to yourself or a select group of other participants
          • Engage in any behavior which violates local and international laws and regulations, or which is deemed unacceptable by the Meter team.



                • Can I get started now?

                Yes! Simply click on the Warring Stakes’ Incentivized Testnet Competition link and join the fun straight away.

                So, the sooner you start, the sooner you can plan your validation setup, and get strategizing to collect as much stake as possible!


                • What does a validator do?

                A validator is responsible for running a full node on the Meter network and participates in consensus by broadcasting votes. 

                The main role of a validator is to commit new blocks to the chain. Validators receive a network reward in exchange for their services. 

                Validators’ must also vote on new network proposals. Their voting power is weighted according to the stakes that are delegated to them, regardless of whether the stakes are self-delegated or delegated by other network participants.


                • How does delegation work on Meter?

                The weight of each validator on the Meter network is determined by the number of tokens that have been bonded to its node as collateral. 

                Network participants can stake their tokens with any validator node thus delegating their voting power to the validator node they chose. 

                Delegators receive a reward for each block that their chosen validator commits to the chain. 

                The delegator’s reward is calculated in accordance with the size of the stake bonded to the validator and the percentage charged by the validator node operator. 


                • How to run a node?

                Please follow the steps in the document linked below:



                • What will I need to participate?

                The minimum requirement is 2 vCPU, 4GB memory, and 100GB SSD. 

                The Ideal configuration is compute-optimized instance with at least 8 vCPU, 16GB memory, and 1TB of SSD  (for example AWS c5.2xlarge).


                All the competition updates will be published on our Discord server first. Please join Discord for regular updates, also for exclusive challenges with bonus stake!

                We will also have weekly updates on Medium. 


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