Meter Economics


MTRG is the governance or staking coin in Meter.  It has limited supply.
eMTRG is the wrapped MTRG on Ethereum. You could convert them through Meter Passport
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MTR is the low-volatility gas coin in Meter. It is created via Proof-of-Work mining and is pegged to 10 kWh of electricity in mainstream BTC miners.
eMTR is the wrapped MTR on Ethereum
Need MTR for gas? Get started for free:MTR Faucet
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Tracking Assets on Different Chains: Multi-chain Meter Passport Wallet

Mainnet Staking: Download Meter Mainnet Wallets

For the Linux wallet, please build from source code in GitHub
DeFi dApps on Meter mainnet: MetaMask

Mirror Download for Users in China

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