We accomplished a lot in 2020, including launching our mainnet, successful token sales, releasing MeterSwap, and much more.

Hello Meterians!

Hope you’re having a Happy Holiday season!

2020 was an eventful year...for many reasons outside our control. 

That being said, it was quite the year for the Meter network and community as well. 

In this newsletter, we’ll recap everything that has happened in the past year. Remember to click the links for more information on the relevant happenings!

Without further ado, here are the major events that happened in 2020:

  1. Launched the Meter Mainnet on July 4th - Independence!
  1. Held successful token sales - a 46x oversubscribed IEO on Gate.io, and sales on Cobak and Blockzone that sold out in less than 1 minute.
  1. Forged partnerships with Chainlink, Matic, Elrond, and many others to grow the Meter ecosystem.
  1. Launched the ERC-20 versions of MTR and MTRG and our liquidity mining program
  1. Partnered with Chads.vc to build a smart AMM and cross-chain exchange.
  1. Opened the Meter Merch Store, where you can get Meter-branded merchandise and pay with eMTR, eMTRG, and other crypto.
  1. Upgraded the Meter network to enhance interoperability with Ethereum and allow you to  use MetaMask to send and receive mainnet MTR and MTRG.
  1. Released MeterSwap, the first Dapp built on the Meter network where you can swap (and eventually stake) mainnet MTR and MTRG.

We greatly appreciate you for helping us make 2020 a fruitful year. There’s lots to come in 2021, including the launch of staking, on-chain auctions, more Dapps built on our network, and much more. We hope that you continue to keep a close eye on us as we unveil more to the world.

Happy New Year and on to 2021!

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