We launched our mainnet, held token sales, forged partnerships, and more. And our Ethereum bridge is coming!

Hello Meterians!

Wow, what a July! This was arguably the most important and active month in the history of Meter. 

We launched our mainnet, held token sales, forged new partnerships, and made so much progress on achieving our mission of making the global financial landscape more open and decentralized. 

Read on to learn more about everything that’s been happening.

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Network Updates

Mainnet Launch 

The title of this section used to be “Testnet and Development Updates”. 

It's now called "Network Updates" because the Meter mainnet went live on July 4, 2020! 

We’ll be releasing the mainnet in phases to ensure a proper launch. Read this blog post to learn more about how we’ll do it. 

Our Ethereum bridge is coming

Meter aims to be the stable, foundational infrastructure of DeFi, and one of our defining features is cross-chain compatibility to enable value transfer across blockchains. 

And with Ethereum being such an important part of DeFi, it only made sense that it would be the first blockchain to which we should build a bridge. 

So we’re doing it!

There’s much more to come on this topic very soon, so stay tuned!

Community Updates

Successful token sales

We raised money! This will help us improve our network, build new products, and grow our community. 

We held an IEO for the Meter Governance token, MTRG, on Gate.io that was 46x oversubscribed, and public sales of MTRG on Cobak and Blockzone that sold out in less than a minute!

Read this post for all the details about our public sales. 

New partnerships

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Somebody said that at some point. And we believe it! 

That’s why we’ve forged partnerships with some of the best companies in the blockchain industry to help grow our and their ecosystems. 

We've partnered with Chainlink to provide their decentralized data feeds for DeFi apps built on the Meter network. Read the partnership announcement here, or click here to see a video of Chainlink's interview with Meter CEO Xiaohan Zhu.

And we're working with Ankr so you can easily deploy validator nodes on our network. Click here to read the announcement, and here to see the transcript of our AMA with the Ankr team.

And there are more partnerships to come!

Blog post - Centre and Tether Blacklist Accounts. This is Not How Crypto Should Work.

By request from law enforcement, Centre and Tether have blacklisted addresses holding their stablecoins. This should not be happening in crypto, and we should not accept this. 

This censorship is exactly why we designed Meter the way we did - with maximum decentralization and permissionlessness. Read our blog post to see where we stand. 

AMAs galore!

We held a bunch of AMAs to get the word out about Meter! Click on the links below to read the transcripts or recaps for our AMAs with:

  1. The Block Circle
  2. Smart Crypto
  3. Crypto Bharat Community
  4. DOS Network
  5. The AMA Room
  6. Ankr

There's lots going on, and much more to come! Stay tuned for more news about our Ethereum bridge and more.

Thanks so much for your support!

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