Mainnet launch, token sale, and AMAs are coming soon!

Hello Meterians!

There are a lot of crazy things happening in the world right now, so we hope you are staying safe.

Despite all the unfortunate events occurring, we have been continuing to build, build, build and are getting closer to our mainnet launch!

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Testnet and Development Updates

Do we have some major development updates for you!

We have released our pre-mainnet testnet, with all features baked in. Validators have been testing and providing great feedback to help us improve and harden the network.

SlowMist has performed a security audit of the network and we passed! Click here to read SlowMist’s audit report on GitHub.

Thus, we are preparing to launch our mainnet soon. We’ll be doing so in phases to ensure a smooth, gradual launch. Here’s how we’ll proceed.

In Phase 1, all validator nodes will be initially run by the Meter Foundation. This will allow us to quickly react to and resolve any issues that may arise without risking validators’ funds.

Please note that this will not use the Proof of Authority consensus mechanism; the mainnet will still use the HotStuff Proof-of-Stake consensus, just like the testnet did.

As always, mining MTR will be permissionless and open to the public.

In Phase 2, we will allow Foundation-approved validators into the network to increase decentralization.

In Phase 3, we will open up the network to any validator who meets the requirements.

We are excited to launch our mainnet soon! For real-time updates on our mainnet launch and token sale, join our Telegram group or Discord server.

Community Updates

AMA Sessions Coming Soon

With our mainnet launch approaching, we’ll be scheduling some Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions on different social media platforms to grow, educate, and update the Meter community on everything we’re building.

Make sure you don’t miss out on these! Get notified on when the AMAs will happen by subscribing to our email list, following us on Twitter, or joining our Telegram or Discord groups.

Our stablecoin eBook is now available

We’ve released our Stablecoin eBook! This free, 31-page eBook contains everything you need to know about stablecoins, including what they are, their history, the categories of stablecoins, pros and cons, and more.

Click here to download it now.

Interesting Reads

Here are a few interesting articles we’ve read this month.

Did Satoshi Nakamoto Just Move His Coins for the First Time in 11 Years?

50 Bitcoins that were mined in February 2009 — one month after the network launched — were moved for the first time in 11 years. Was it Satoshi who moved these coins? Read more on Cointelegraph.

‘Game-Changer’ Retail Digital Currency Now European Central Bank’s Focus, Board Member Says

Yves Merch, a member of the ECB executive board, says they’re now focusing on a “game-changing” central bank digital currency. He outlined the pros and cons of a digital Euro and the approach they’re taking. Learn more at Coindesk.

Examining the World of Crypto Dollar Yields

Yields on stablecoins far outpace the interest rates we see by holding our fiat in traditional bank accounts or investing in treasury notes. This article outlines the entities who provide this yield, the tradeoffs of using each platform, and the yields they provide. It’s a great read from dydx, check it out here.

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