We released a network upgrade, forged a few partnerships, and did a bunch of interviews to spread the word about Meter.

Hello Meterians!

For those of you in the US, we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! 

We had a big November, including a network upgrade, a bunch of partnerships, and a slew of interviews.

Read on to learn more about everything that’s been going on. 

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Network and Product Updates

We’ve upgraded the Meter network! 

Meter is now much more interoperable with Ethereum. You can use Metamask to interact with our mainnet, DApps built on Ethereum can easily integrate MTR and MTRG, and much more!

We are positioned well for the cross-chain future we are building. 

Read all about our network upgrade here.

Community Updates

New Partnerships

We forged three big partnerships this month!

First, we partnered with Oasis Protocol to bring MTR to their privacy-focused network. This will provide a fully-decentralized, stable medium of exchange for developers building privacy-focused DeFi applications. Read more here. 

Next, we’re working with Tokamak, a leading crypto project in Korea, to bring eMTR to their Layer-2 network and to research Ethereum scaling solutions together. Click here to read the full details

Finally, we’ll integrate NEST Protocol’s decentralized oracles into the Meter ecosystem. This will allow developers building DeFi apps on Meter to access NEST’s reliable on-chain price quotes.  More here

Interviews with DeFi Prime, Oasis, and DOS Network

CEO Xiaohan Zhu sat down with DeFi Prime founder Nick Sawinyh to talk about Meter’s hybrid consensus mechanism, our Meter-Ethereum bridge, and the future of DeFi. Read the interview transcript here.

Xiaohan also recorded a Fireside Chat with Luca Cosentino, Head of DeFi at Oasis Protocol, to talk shop about how Meter is improving DeFi, the importance of private transactions, and how our partnership will work. View the video below. 

Finally, Xiaohan sat down with XamBorg, an ambassador for DOS Network (one of our oracle partners) to chat all things Meter. 

Until next time, Meterians!

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