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It’s been a beehive of activity on the development side!

Testnet v2.0:

We are hard at work on updating the Proof of Value (PoV) consensus with o(n) complexity for block by block view change. With this upgrade, we are looking to drop the finality time to 3 to 5 seconds and throughput to 2000tps before the release of Testnet V2.0.

And, we further discussed with the Cosmos team to support the IBC cross-chain protocol. Meter will likely be the first chain with EVM and future multi-VM support on the Cosmos network. In addition, the performance will be 5 to 10 times better than projects based on native Tendermint SDK.

You can try the following:

Please give it a go and let us know your feedback — we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Our community events, hackathons, and workshops are in full swing! As shared with you in the previous newsletter, the Meter team is super focused on various initiatives promoting blockchain education and partnering with leaders in the space. Below some feedback on specific events.

The State of Decentralized Finance:

Meter hosted the first “The State of Decentralized Finance” event on August 22. Leading DeFi innovators from 0x, Set Protocol, dy/dx, Maker, Coinlist, and Compound Finance joined our CEO Xiaohan Zhu to give a firsthand account of their thoughts on the industry, its progression, the challenges, and, of course, the exciting future!

Make sure that you check out the awesome event video playlist that we’ve created especially for you, and share in the great insights!

4th Industrial Revolution — Hosted by Binance and Dora Hacks:

We had an absolute blast hosting the 4th Industrial Revolution hackathon in Beijing in collaboration with Binance!

Meter’s community members submitted awesome ideas. It allowed us to put our Testnet through its paces and also add and update some features.

After the success in Beijing, we can’t wait to host the next hackathon! Watch this space and follow us for further updates. The next hackathon will be held in the SF Bay Area shortly after the release of Testnet V2.0 in Q4 2019. Join our Discord server to make sure not to miss it!

Until next time — stay tuned!

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