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Important Reminder!

The Meter development team is right on track for the much-anticipated release of Testnet v2.0 in Q4 of 2019. But, hurry up — reserve your access right now. Access can only be guaranteed to the first 50 early birds. Don’t delay — contact Meterright away to reserve your spot!

Wow! What an exciting ride it’s been! The development team has been going non-stop at Meter HQ.

First, we are so proud and excited to present Meter’s new website. Our team jumped in and spruced it up to make sure our users and visitors continue to enjoy a top-notch experience. Please swing by and check out our new-look Meter website.

Since the last update, we have completed more consensus performance upgrades. Right now, the team is closely working with Hotstuff’s first author Ted Yin on tuning and testing the development. Watch this space!

Other milestones that were completed during the period and signed off by the team include:

  • Development of staking functionalities supporting delegation.
  • Incentives for longer bonding periods by providing bonuses based on the staking period.

And, in conclusion, Testnet V 2.0 development is right on track! Day zero for the release is planned for October 31, 2019.

You can try the following:

Please give it a go and let us know your feedback — we are looking forward to hearing from you!

As promised previously, our community initiatives are busy ramping up and gaining solid momentum. Blockchain education and strategic partnerships with industry leaders continue to be some of Meter’s urgent driving points and focus areas.

San Francisco was the venue for our super successful Meter Up event, titled ‘The State of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)’. More than 200 of the keenest minds in the blockchain industry had an absolute blast!

The DeFi mini-conference comprised of keynote speakers, panelists, founders, builders, venture capitalists (VCs), investors, and many more enthusiasts. Event attendees reported that they had the best learning and networking experience ever.

What’s more, the next Meter Up event is happening in San Francisco!

Titled “The State of Blockchain Interoperability”, leading experts from Polkadot/Parity Technologies, Tendermint, Keep Network, and many more will join the star-studded line-up. Whatever you do, do not miss out on this one!

Limited seating — please RSVP to guarantee your spot.

Until next time — stay tuned!

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