You can now trade MTR and MTRG on the first DEX built on the Meter network.

We have announced several exciting developments in November, which include the official partnership announcement with our new partners, Oasis Protocol, Tokamak, NEST Protocol, as well as the cross-chain capability on Ethereum.

This time around, we are proud to introduce to you Meterswap, which is a Uniswap V2 fork completely running on the Meter mainnet. With Meterswap, you will be able to hold, trade, and speculate MTR and MTRG using MetaMask on Meter’s mainnet.

User experience is of the utmost importance at Meter. Having considered this, the team has made efforts to ensure that the ETH emulation mode at Meterswap runs smoothly and efficiently. The result is a platform akin to Apple’s M1 running x86 programs. It is not only faster, it is also 100x faster in throughput. 

MTR holders could finally swap their holdings to MTRG without friction on-chain and participate in Meter’s upcoming governance and staking programs.

We have decided to seed the initial liquidity pool with around 30k MTR and 30k MTRG. Liquidity mining will soon start on the Meter mainnet.  We are pumped to have you all test out our protocol and most of all, show you how we plan to bring our ideals about stablecoins to fruition.

To view Meterswap, please visit this link:

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