Announcing a $MTRG Mining Campaign hosted by Helmet.

July 13, 2021

Hello Meterians!

We are happy to announce a Mining Campaign by Helmet.

Helmet is a P2P Price Shield Insurance Protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. Helmet originated from options trading as a hedging tool but is more user friendly and flexible because of the Hemlet smart contract support. It can protect Defi users against the risk of price fluctuations.

🎉 Mining Rewards: $MTRG & $HELMET

Please read the directions below to make sure you understand how the mining program works. Okay, let’s get STARTED!!!

Steps of this Campaign:

🎉Firstly, get $hMTRG.

🎉 Secondly, take part in the campaign of $Dual Mining Bonus of $MTRG & $Helmet!

STEP 1: How to get $hMTRG?

🤩 FLASH Mining on Helmet

$SHIBh-$HELMET LPT Mining (Link

⏰ START Time: June 23rd 24:00 SGT

Mining Period: 7 days

⚠️ Be careful of Impermanent Loss when you farm $hMTRG..

STEP 2: How to GET 2 Mining Rewards?🎁

🤠 $hMTRG — $Helmet LP Mining ( LINK )

*You will see the mining pool when it goes live, until then you will not be able to find it.

Rewards: $10,000 $MTRG & $10,000 $HELMET;

Start: June 24th 24:00 SGT

Mining Period: 9 days

⚠️ Be careful of Impermanent Loss when you farm $hMTRG.

⚠️ Do not trade heavily on $hMTRG or $SHIBh.

What is $hMTRG?

$hMTRG is the Cover Miss Out policy or the CALL Option of $MTRG. The strike price will be 1 $MTRG=4.7 BUSD.

How does $hMTRG work?

If $MTRG’s price rises to equal 6 BUSD before the expiration date, you could swap 4.7 $BUSD+ 1 $hMTRG to 1 $MTRG, and net 1.3 BUSD profit.

Expire date: July 22nd 24:00 SGT

THANKS for your continued support!!!

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