Announcing the Meter Month of Reddit Contest

July 13, 2021

We are excited to announce July will officially be the Meter Month of Reddit. We are kicking the month off with a contest for Meter holders and anyone else that wants to participate. The contest will start July 1st and end July 30th. To keep people engaged and have fun with this contest, we will post weekly leader board updates to the subreddit of who the top commenters/posters are to give you an idea of where you stand.

Submitting Your Reddit Account to be Considered in the Contest

There are two ways you can submit your account for consideration: on Twitter or on Reddit. You can choose either one, but for best chances of having your account tracked, it would be best to do both. You must submit your handle in one of these ways to be considered for any part of this contest.

Twitter submissions

To submit your Reddit account on Twitter, @meter_io and include the hashtags #MeterMonthOfReddit and #Defi with your username. For example, a tweet submission on Twitter might look like:


@meter_io #MeterMonthOfReddit #DeFi

Reddit submissions

To submit your Reddit account to be tracked through Reddit, just leave a top-level comment on this post in the Meter subreddit. The content of the comment doesn’t really matter, what’s important is that the comment is there in general.

Rewards for Commenting & Posting on Reddit

We are offering rewards for comments & posts on Reddit that get the most upvotes; the individual comments or posts that have the most upvotes will be rewarded in the following way:

  • 1st place reward: 100 MTRG
  • 2nd place reward: 50 MTRG
  • 3rd place reward: 25 MTRG
  • 4th place reward: 15 MTRG
  • 5th place reward: 10 MTRG

We are also going to hold 50 MTRG aside for “honorable mentions” which will be reserved for people that may not have the most upvoted comments, but have shown a good faith effort at participating — have good posts about MTRG, make relevant comments about it frequently, etc. Honorable mentions will be 100% at the discretion of the team.

If there are several people that have top comments with the same amount of upvotes, we would select the winner at random.

Raffle for Comments & Posts in the Meter Subreddit

In addition to rewarding the top commenters and posters for any posts related to MTRG across any subreddit, we are also including a raffle for engaging in the Meter subreddit. The way it will work is that every good-faith comment or post will count as a single raffle ticket. There is no limit to the amount of raffle tickets a user can earn so long as their content doesn’t come off as spammy.

At the end of the contest, we will go through the subreddit and pull two raffle winners to win 25 MTRG each.

See this comment as an example of the type of content that would generally be helpful.


Submissions can happen be either posts or comments in any subreddit you want. Some popular crypto-related subreddits are:

About a week before the contest ends, we will publish an update with the accounts we have tracked so far. If your account is not on that list, please reach out to Chris, Sean, or Mike on Telegram and we will be happy to make sure your submission is tracked.

Announcing Winners

Within a couple of days of the contest ending, we will post an update and announce who the winners are. We will then reach out to you on whatever platform you submitted on to get your wallet address for your hard-earned rewards to be deposited. Because the team is incredibly busy, winners will only have one week after we announce the winner to submit their wallet addresses for their rewards.

Additional Considerations & Helpful Tips

Because we want to shine the best light on Meter and it’s awesome community — while also getting as many eyes on the project as possible — we wanted to offer some things for consideration:

  • Please be sure to have your submissions be relevant to the topic at hand in whatever Reddit thread they are posted in and not make your comments/posts look like spam which would do more harm than good.
  • Don’t just post about MTRG everywhere. Also consider making posts about other things since posting only about MTRG in every comment/post will make your account look suspicious and like it’s not trying to actually provide meaningful contributions to the various crypto subreddits.
  • Consider sorting posts in a subreddit by “New” or “Rising” since it’s often the earlier comments in a thread that get the most exposure.

That’s it! Remember, even if your comments/posts don’t get a bunch of upvotes, each and every one of them is still incredibly valuable since all it takes is one influential person to see it and have this undervalued project start its launch sequence for the moon.

Let’s get it folks 🥳

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