Community Swap Naming: VoltSwap wins!

August 6, 2021

Voting Results:

After 2 days of voting, VoltSwap succeeded in becoming the new name with over 60% support!

VoltSwap is a submission from TG user s_pradana.

(Original submission)

Combination between Volt (Voltage = derived unit in electrical) and Swap (Mostly swaping dex using Swap name) it can be interpreted you can swapping small fraction currency on Meter chain.

Voting details

The voting weight is calculated using a quadratic voting weight, while the block height of the voting right is the block height at the time of the initial voting, thus effectively limiting the problem of excessive discourse of whale users in the community. (Specific voting rules can be viewed here)

The poll was held on Snapshot, with a total of 166 addresses and over 48w MTRGs participating in this poll.

(Meter main online voting results)

(Voting results on the Meter ethereum sidechain)

Concluding remarks

As a community-incubated project, VoltSwap will continue to respect the wishes of the community and move forward together with the VoltSwap community.

The 11 members who provided their names this time will all get their respective NFTs, with s_pradana users getting the namesake NFT (NFTs will be designed according to VoltSwap and will be distributed within 2 weeks).

Keep an eye for more VoltSwap updates to come!

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