The Meter Monthly — August 2021

September 20, 2021

Liquidity Mining in VoltSwap Has Arrived!

The Meter Monthly — August 2021

Hello Meterians! August was a busy month as we prepared to launch liquidity mining on VoltSwap, the first decentralized exchange in the Meter ecosystem.

Starting September 9, users can begin staking and liquidity mining on VoltSwap, the world’s first front-running-resistant DEX that allows Layer 2 cross-chain asset swaps. Follow these simple steps to get started:

Connect to the Passport Multichain Wallet at

Bridge assets to Meter from BSC or Ethereum. On BSC, you can bridge over $BNB, $BUSD, and $MTRG. On Ethereum, you can bridge over $ETH, $MTRG, $USDC, $USDT, and $WBTC.

Check out available mining pairs on

Do a swap for a mining pair of your choice at We recommend that you have at least 1 MTR for transactions before enabling liquidity mining.

Add liquidity to the mining pair of your choice at

Finally, return to and click “Detail” under a mining pair, where you can enter the amount of Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens to stake.

The longer you stake your LP tokens, the higher the Reward Multiplier for $VOLT will rise. The Reward Multiplier is capped at 10x if staked for 10 weeks / 70 days. For more details, check out:

Apart from the exciting developments in liquidity mining, let’s look at some other milestones we achieved in August:

Multiple Rounds of Mainnet Upgrades

Over the past months, we have been hard at work getting our ecosystem ready for upcoming DeFi dApps. Meter can now support The Graph, a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains, as well as NFT-based smart wallets.

We also upgraded Meter’s EVM to Istanbul and fixed various bugs. For example, you no longer need to worry about potential memory leaks during long-term running. We’re also close to reducing pressure on the network load by implementing optimizations at the auction.

Finished Development of Multichain Passport Wallet

The Meter Passport Wallet is now available! Check it out at: It shows all cross-chain assets supported by Meter Passport in your Metamask, and automatically configures Metamask for the Meter Mainnet.

Tested Staking Smart Contracts for VoltSwap

Meter is the most decentralized and fastest Ethereum sidechain on the market. One key advantage is that, on Meter, smart contracts can scale, travel, and communicate across heterogenous blockchains seamlessly. In pursuit of that goal, we completed the testing needed for staking smart contracts for VoltSwap this month.

Upgraded Meter Passport Bridge Contracts

Meter Passport is a multi-chain router that allows both assets and information to travel across networks. You can use it to transfer assets such as ERC20 and ERC721 tokens, including the Meter system’s governance token $MTRG, between blockchains. In August, we expanded Meter Passport’s functionality to support more chains and fine-tuned DevOps management.


Meter is a high performance infrastructure that allows smart contracts to scale and travel seamlessly through heterogeneous blockchain networks.

Learn more about us: Website, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Reddit & Discord

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