The Meter Monthly - January 2021

March 19, 2021

We launched the new Meter explorer, partnered with Harmony and Razor Network, and updated our roadmap.

Hello Meterians!

Welcome to the Meter Monthly for January 2021! It feels good to not have to say “2020” anymore!

Check out everything that has happened in the past month below.

Product Updates

We launched our long-awaited explorer! 

The new explorer makes Meter blockchain data much more transparent and allows validators and users to understand the status of the nodes and overall network. The explorer shows data from both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake chains, as well as detailed transaction history of accounts.

The launch of the explorer also clears the path for open staking and on-chain auctions, which will launch soon. 

Read about the explorer launch here and check out the explorer here:

Additionally, we are:

  1. Putting the final touches on our testnet and plan to relaunch it for final testing very soon.
  2. Making a major change to token distributions.

Look out for more news about these soon.

Roadmap Update

We updated the Meter roadmap to lay out all the product developments we’ll achieve in 2021. 

The focus will be on growing the Meter developer ecosystem, launching community governance, and increasing user cases for MTR.

Check out our updated roadmap here. 

Community Updates

Partnership with Harmony

We’ve partnered with Harmony to bring our meta-stable coin MTR to their network!

Harmony is growing their DeFi ecosystem and aims to increase the range of crypto assets deployed on their protocol. By launching MTR on Harmony, we will provide a highly decentralized and stable form of collateral for DeFi apps built on their chain.

Read more about the partnership here.

Partnership with Razor Network

We’ve partnered with Razor Network to integrate their decentralized oracles into the Meter Mainnet!

DeFi app developers can take advantage of Razor Network's reliable and secure data feeds for the apps they build on the Meter platform. The integration has already been tested and is ready to go!

Read more here

2021 has started with a bang, and we are excited to keep the momentum rolling. Stay tuned for many more developments! 

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