The Meter Monthly — October 2021

November 12, 2021

Meterians, we echo Colonel John “Hannibal” Smiths’ words in A-Team series – “I love it when a plan comes together”!

We’ve been working diligently on quality products in the space of DeFI, Interoperability and Scaling and the pieces are starting to fall into place. We had great partnerships on Meter Passport and KuCoin listing which materialized in October that were brewing behind the scenes for longer durations!

We are excited to provide highlights of the Month of October 2021 and convey what’s in store for the coming months.

Let’s unroll October!

1. CEX updates – New Listing on KuCoin, Deposit Support on

The blockchain space has made great progress with Decentralized Exchanges with onset of DeFI. However, CEX still play a critical role of onboarding new users into crypto economy and bring larger volume of transactions.

We were thrilled to be listed on KuCoin this month. We witnessed an almost immediate effect on daily transaction volumes from few hundred thousand USD to a few millions USD. We ran a successful KuCoin trading competition with exciting rewards pool worth $40,000.

Note: KuCoin support BSC/BEP-20 MTRG deposits only at this moment. We want our community to make note of key pieces of information:

a. Do not deposit MTRG directly to KuCoin BEP-20 address from Meter Passport. KuCoin does not recognize deposits from a smart contract

b. Do not transfer funds through Meter wallet to KuCoin address directly. You need to use Meter Passport to change the network before depositing funds to KuCoin

c. CMC circulating supply update is in process. In the meantime, please refer to CoinGecko circulating supply or CMC self-reported supply for accuracy

Another exciting news is that now supports MTRG deposits from BSC/BEP-20 and Ethereum Networks in addition to Meter Network.

Note: In light of higher bridging costs for MTRG from Ethereum due to network congestion, users can also look to transfer MTRG from Ethereum to other networks

2. Major headways on Meter Passport – Partnerships galore!

October month was really about our progress on Meter Passport and significant partnerships that we were able to materialize!

We were able to onboard 3 more Networks onto the Meter Passport; most crucial of which was Theta! Theta and announced Meter Passport as their official bridge for transfer of assets from Ethereum, BSC, Moonriver and Meter Networks. We were also thrilled to onboard Energy Web Chain who will use Meter Passport for 2-way transfer of EWT and MOVR with Moonriver and Polis chain who will use Meter Passport for 2-way transfer of DAI with BSC.

In addition to Networks, we added new Network support to DefiCliq and onboarded BEPRO Network onto Meter Passport.

We are also thrilled to announce that SushiSwap BNB and WBTC pools on Moonriver Network will recognize these asset transfers from Meter Passport.

Note: Please exercise caution before transferring assets other than BNB and WBTC to Moonriver Network!

3. VoltSwap Update

We enabled ‘VOLT’ single asset staking on VoltSwap this month. Community can now stake their Volt to earn additional rewards from 0.05%transaction fees on every trade on VoltSwap. The 0.05% transaction fees are used to market-buy VOLT and distribute to the community users staking their VOLT.

4. Onboarding New dApps

We are actively working on onboarding new dApps into the ecosystem. We have a $10 Million Developer Grants Program – see here and are incentivizing community members with $1000 prize for every dApp/ developer they help onboard– see here

This month, we onboarded a lottery dApp made by our active community member Toni and 0xTracker app to manage yield and LP tokens on VoltSwap.  

5. Community Growth – Critical parameter of growth

Through our community initiatives, great Meter Passport Partnerships and KuCoin listing, we were able to grow our User Wallets from 3875 to 4501 this month. A 17%increase!

We took key steps to ensure the growth this month and its continuance;

a. We were excited to introduce our community mascots – Meterman, Carmen Electric and Sparky this month.

b. We onboarded numerous influencer partners who believe in the potential of Meter and what we have to offer to the crypto community

c. We successfully rana Meme competition this Halloween to engage the community on this Halloween. The meme competition had over400 entries. We thank the community for their active participation

What’s in store for Meter!

1. L****h VoltSwap on a new N***** - Lets start guessing!

2. VoltSwap Additional Pairs – AMPL pairs will go live on VoltSwap this month through a collaborative effort of Meter and AMPL team. Community users staking Volt will also be able to earn dual rewards by staking their Volt.

3. Lending and Borrowing – Fasten your seatbelts as we enable lending and borrowing protocol extension on the VoltSwap!

4. Continued Rebranding – We will be rebranding website to reflect the growing energy of the team and the community

5. MTRG Burn incoming! – Last month, we successfully passed the proposal to burn MTRG – See here. We are thrilled to begin MTRG burn this month


Meter is DeFi infrastructure with a built-in, crypto-native, metastable currency, $MTR. It uses HotStuff-based PoS consensus with $MTRG, the Meter governance token, to manage the blockchain ledger. Meter functions as a highly decentralized, high-performance side chain for Ethereum and other public chains.

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