The Meter Monthly — September 2021

October 1, 2021

Meterians, in Victor Hugo’s words — There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come! We’ve been heads down working hard throughout September, somewhat unnoticed, but this month marks a significant change in our standing. We are being noticed for the potential that we have and the value that we bring to the blockchain ecosystem through our interoperability and DeFi products.

Let’s unroll September!

1. Meter’s first Major DEX Launch — VoltSwap (TVL $6.5 million)

We launched VoltSwap with yield farming on 9th September 2021 which showcases the capability of the Meter Mainnet — Highly decentralized (117 Validators), front running resistant, censorship resistant, fast and cheap transactions!

The TVL peaked at $8.5 million USD and is at $6.5 million USD as on 30 September 2021.

With over 19 pairs, 10 assets and astronomical APYs (as high as 1200% currently); the VoltSwap launch success was evident in the TVL and user growth on the Meter Mainnet. With VoltSwap, we intend to reward long term behavior through the deployment of a rewards multiplier across all farms. The multiplier starts with 1 in the first week and goes as high as 10 by week 10. So, the longer you keep your assets staked, the more you can earn. More information about staking on VoltSwap can be found here.

We completed the Volt Airdrop for bridge users as well.

2. Meter Passport — Partnerships, Partnerships, Partnerships

We unlocked some key partnerships in the interoperability space with Moonriver Network, AMPL (AVAX Bridge), Seascape and Polkamarkets!

We launched the full bridge to Moonriver Mainnet this month as their official bridge. We demonstrated our emphasis on security by delaying the launch by a few weeks in order to work closer with the Moonriver team on enhanced security of the bridge and assets.

We also enabled the bridge of AMPL assets to the Avalanche network this month.

The confidence in our infrastructure was demonstrated further through key partnerships with Seascape and Polkamarkets on bridging of assets to Moonriver Mainnet.

3. Community — Critical parameter of growth

Through our community initiatives and VoltSwap launch, we were able to grow our User Wallets from 2900 to 3875 this month. A whopping 33% increase!

We took key steps to ensure the growth this month and its continuance;

a. Keeping true to our image, we have rebranded our social media presence to be more electrified. We have the power!

b. We onboarded numerous influencer partners who believe in the potential of Meter and what we have to offer to the blockchain ecosystem

c. We successfully ran 2 competitions that ensured high community engagement. The VoltSwap launch competition had 200 winners and the Community creativity contest had 68 entries. We thank the community for their active participation

d. We had a fruitful AMA with the Seascape team on Telegram

4. Team Size — Aiming higher!

We added new team members across Marketing, Business Development and Content Creation verticals to ensure that we sustain the community growth and unleash our technological advantage.

What’s in store for Meter!

1. VoltSwap Yield Farming — Starting October, Users who have staked VOLT for yield farming will be able to earn VOLT commissions as well as additional opportunities to earn VOLT

2. VoltSwap Additional Pairs — AMPL pairs will go live on VoltSwap this month through a collaborative effort of Meter and AMPL team

3. Lending and Borrowing — Fasten your seatbelts as we enable the lending and borrowing protocol extension on VoltSwap!

4. Continued Rebranding — We will be rebranding our website to reflect the growing energy of the team and community

5. Meter Passport — Hold tight as well onboard more partners onto our interoperability infrastructure


Meter is a DeFi infrastructure with a built-in, crypto-native, metastable currency, $MTR. It uses HotStuff-based PoS consensus with $MTRG, the Meter governance token, to manage the blockchain ledger. Meter functions as a highly decentralized, high-performance side chain for Ethereum and other public chains.

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