Tutorial | How to unlock STACY in Etherscan?

March 19, 2021

eMTRG holders can use the eMTRG-ETH Uniswap v2 LP token for liquidity mining at https://chadswap.finance  in exchange for STACY tokens with more than 200% APY.

With its special tokenomics design, the STACY-ETH LP token is permanently locked in Uniswap to provide liquidity. Currently, there is $2.3M liquidity (https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0xdfcc12a0aad50d84639d558551edd7a523b69ac5), which makes it relatively easy for liquidity miners to harvest.

Although the APY is more than 200%, only 1/4 of STACY tokens are released immediately at the time of harvest, and the remaining 3/4 will be released gradually over a year.

This tutorial provides a step by step guide to unlock the remaining ¾  STACY tokens.

1. Go to the <Read Contract> page of the contract address of STACY on Etherscan. 

Click the link to enter: https://etherscan.io/address/0x222207e931d7bf38466c395da30e632872a98ae6#readContract

The following page will show up:

You can inquire the amount of STACY tokens that can beaccount information on the <Read Contract> page by entering the Ethereum address that you used to claim STACY:

For example: check your CanlockAmount (the amount that can be unlocked)

  • Fill in your participation address for STACY LGE in the Holder(Address) column
  • Click【Query
  • The page will return the amount result

The same applies to other enquiry options.

2. After checking the amount of STACY tokens you can unlock, switch to the <Write Contract> page of the STACY contract address:

3. The First click "Connect to Web3" to connect to your wallet address through MetaMask. (Please make sure that the address of Connect is the same as the address that has STACY CanlockAmount)

4. After Connect is successful, the following page will be displayed

5. Click the Unlock page and click the button <Write> to get to the MetaMask signature page

6. On the MetaMask page that pops out, click the <Confirm> button to complete the application for unlocking STACY tokens.

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