People behind Meter

Meter's leadership team specializes in deep tech, software architecture, product management, and product growth.Their top qualifications from leading academic institutions - Wharton, Stanford, Purdue, UCSD, and more - are backed by world-class experience gained with Google, Cisco, Huawei, and JD Capital.
Xiaohan Zhu
Co-Founder and Chief Everything Officer
Young Yu
Co-Founder and Chief Architect
Simon Zhang
Core Developer
David Shao
Chief Cryptographic Architect
Altay Sabyrbay
Mike Chan
CMO and Head Cheerleader

Our Advisors

Shoucheng Zhang
  • Stanford Professor in Physics/EE
  • Founding Partner of DHVC
Jiasun Li
  • Professor of Finance, George Mason University
  • Leading researcher in crypto economics and game design
Andrew Miller
  • ECE Professor @ UIUC
  • Board Member of ZCash and Ethereum Enterprise Alliance
George Samman
  • Crypto investor and thought leader, published several reports on stablecoins

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