We are excited to announce that the long awaited new Meter explorer is now online!

https://scan.meter.io The launch of the explorer also cleared path for the soon to be launched open staking on Meter’s mainnet. It is extremely important for validators and users to better understand the status of the network and the state of the validator nodes. It also makes the blockchain data more transparent to the community.  Detailed transaction history of accounts is finally available.

New features of the explorer include:

1. Detailed information on both the PoS and PoW chains.

2. PoW chain information includes PoW chain block height、the opportunity cost of Bitcoin miners to mine MTR(MTR cost parity)、the price of MTR、the circulation of MTR, the hashing power history and production parameters for MTR.

3.PoS chain information includes the status of validator nodes, the staking status, PoS chain Block height and many more.

4.The auction page provides insight for the on-chain MTRG bidding process. The users could see the competition of the current active auction and the auction result history.

5.Complete search capabilities based on transaction hash, address including the detailed history of native tokens and ERC20 token transfers of on an address.

6. One-stop network data including real time MTRG/MTR price,  circulation, Number of validator nodes, staking information, MTRG inflation rate and etc.

The launch of the new explorer is the starting point of a busy month of fully featured open staking launch on Meter mainnet.  We are looking forward to work closely with the validators and the community members for the final dash into this important milestone for Meter.

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