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What they are saying?

For Partners

Request and Invite and start integrating Meter into your business today to leverage our stable and scalable platform. 

For Developers

Meter can help grow your Dapps, contact us to find out how easy it is to migrate over and on-boarding thousands of new users overnight.

For Hodlers

Make your bitcoin work for you and while adding to the capabilities for decentralized finance worldwide enabling a secure system.


Wallet Benefits

Easy to Use

Crypto Knowledge not needed to start using the Meter Wallet

Stable Pricing

Allowing you to easily send money to friends 


Add your wallet to Meter as its Multi-Crypto Complaint 


You can send Meter to your connections!

Instantly send the stable coin meter to any connection or contact, securely, cheaply and in a stable value. Meter also allows for Asset Value Standardization across currencies making it easy to understand costs.

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