You can now buy official Meter-branded merchandise thanks to our partners at Origin Protocol.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Meter Merch Store in partnership with Origin Protocol!

We’ve heard many requests for merchandise and we are excited to launch the Meter Merch Store for you. You can now buy official Meter-branded merchandise and represent Meter in your local communities.

The Meter Merch Store is powered by Origin Protocol's Dshop, the world’s first decentralized e-commerce platform. Dshop allows you to easily purchase Meter merchandise with cryptocurrency and utilizes IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to keep your data secure. Origin has built e-commerce stores for Brave, Solana, Kyber, and many others. 

You can visit the Meter Merch Store now here - Here are the awesome items that you can purchase:

Accepted payment methods include eMTRG, eMTR, ETH, DAI, OGN, and OUSD.

"At Meter, we believe in decentralization and censorship resistance, and Origin Protocol allows us to provide our community with Meter merchandise in a truly decentralized way. The Meter Merch Store was extremely easy to set up and we are excited to see our community represent Meter with our merchandise. " 

-Xiaohan Zhu, Co-founder and CEO of Meter

The Meter Merch Store is now open. Head over there now and get your Meter merch!

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