Scale and Connect the Financial Internet

Meter is a high performance infrastructure that allows smart contracts to scale and travel seamlessly through heterogeneous blockchain networks.

Why Meter?

Your favorite Ethereum dApps don't have to be costly to be fast and highly decentralized.  Financial assets should flow freely among blockchains.

Highly Decentralized

Meter’s HotStuff-based consensus allows 1000s of validator nodes, making Meter the most decentralized Layer 2 for Ethereum.

Fast & Scalable

Meter processes thousands of transactions per second and transactions are confirmed almost instantly.


Meter Passport allows assets and smart contracts travel and communicate across heterogeneous blockchains for the best price, liquidity and yield.

Meter excels compared to other scaling solutions.

Built in Metastable Currency
Instant finality
Heterogeneous network of blockchains
Low fees
1000s transactions per second
Scalable to 1000s of validators
Compatible with Ethereum

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How can Meter be used?

Supercharge Ethereum dApps

Meter is an Ethereum Compatible with unique enhancements. Unlike other Layer 2, DEXes build on Meter are front running/MEV resistant, fast and uncensorable.

How can Meter be used?

Interoperability Solution

You should be able to take your assets wherever and whenever you like. Meter passport is a blockchain agnostic infrastructure that helps blockchains like Ethereum, Polkadot, and exchange smart chains to connect and communicate.


Mar 2021
Full Featured Mainnet Tesla
May 2021
Meter Passport to Ethereum and BSC
Sep 2021
VoltSwap Liquidity Mining
Jan 2022
Synthetic Assets
Mar 2022
Gas and fee optimized Passport
Jun 2022
Multi Chain V2 (Highly Decentralized Router)

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