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The Meter Wallet

Meter’s wallet is easy, it allows for quick on-boarding, no crypto knowledge needed.

Just download, claim, connect, and go!

Meter uses energy to scale and back everything, so you know you’re safeguarded and stable.

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Meter For Devs: An API for Value

Meter offers an opportunity to act as an API for the world. Dapps can use meter to run on and quickly onboard users, while others can use meter as a quick way to reach settlement.

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Easy migration, and more users.

Why Meter? Meter is Ethereum Compatible, making it easier for you to migrate dApps and access the meter user base.

User Tickets: Offline and Online User tickets allows for you to spread adoption, as you can freely grant items as you incentive them to sign up or try a new component.

Quick Settlement & Stable Value

Settlement: Meter can provide a scalable tool for merchants and financial institutions to quickly reach settlement in stable unit of account.

Stable & Stored Value: Meter allows you to easily implement systems with a core value metric of the assets no matter what the asset may valued in other forms.

De-Fi Products: Opens up a number of financial instrument possibilities and allows for a more open and efficient financial system.

Meter Ecosystem

How to Get Started:

1) Explore Meter Live Testnet

2) Install Node.js

3) Request Access

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Safeguard the System

Use the Meter Stable Platform for:

  • Asset Value Standardization
  • Staking Governance
  • Wallet to Wallet Transfers
  • Invite Participation
  • Earn Capabilities

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Learn how you can grow with a future financial infrastructure system. Our Governance Token acts as a safeguard for stabilized value and limited pool infrastructure for growth.

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White Paper

Below we’ve provided a few excerpts of our white paper. Please send a white paper request to receive the full document.

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Meter’s Principle

Meter is greener, hundreds time faster than traditional proof of work based blockchains. It also does not suffer the typical problems in proof of stake blockchains like “nothing at stake”, “long range attacks”, and “weak subjectivity”.

Meter Token

Fundamentally, MTR comprises a chain of digital signatures on the Meter blockchain. The cryptographic protocol of Meter enables an owner of MTR to transfer ownership of MTR to another by digitally signing a hash of the previous transaction, and adding these to the end of the chain of digital signatures. A payee may verify the signatures to verify the chain of ownership. MTR is a non-refundable functional utility token which will be used as the unit of exchange between participants on Meter.

Why are Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies not sufficient as currencies?

A currency should perform three main functions, namely, serve as a: 1. unit of account, 2. medium of exchange, and 3. store of value. As an example, Bitcoin is often compared to gold due to their limited supply and similarly high perceived value. Yet, an examination of gold-based (or silver-based) financial systems reveals that those systems collapsed when the underlying economy rapidly expanded and gold could not scale with it. Both gold and Bitcoin will naturally tend to increase in value due to their limited supply but it is also the same reason why neither are suitable for powering an economy.

How is Meter different from USDT, TUSD, GUSD, MakerDao and other USD pegged stable coins?

Meter is not pegged to the U.S. dollar at all. We believe that cryptocurrencies which are pegged to USD (or other fiat currencies) always have a much better alternative, which is USD itself.

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The Value Of a Meter

A Meter = Enough electricity to run a Tesla for 30 miles, or a refrigerator for 10 days.