Meter: Reinventing Money for DeFi

Permissionless, Low Volatility, Fast, No Oracles

Price Bitcoin Properly Through Consensus

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Meter Invite you to Reinvent Money for Decentralize Finance


Reduce Risk and Protect Wealth

Backed by math and cost of electricity.  

Low volatility, long term stable in purchasing power. 

Reduce exposure to irresponsible government monetary policies

Compared to other stable coins:

Eliminate regulatory and counter party risk in fiat backed stable coins

Eliminate capacity limitation and oracle risk in crypto backed stable coins

Eliminate building perpetual motion machine risk in algorithmic stable coins


Fast, Easy to Use and Programmable Money

Price and sell goods and services properly

Smart contracts support for DeFi Products

Finalize all transactions in a few seconds

Cross-border payments and value transfers without censorship


Piggy Bank for BTC HODLERs

Borrow against your BTC without counter party risk

Lock the current value of BTC, always be able to claim it back at the same value

Enjoy the stable pricing, fast speed, low fees and DeFi Apps in Meter

DeFi Infrastructure

Token Economics

MTR Token

Currency for the ecosystem, Pay for all transaction fees, gas and block rewards

1 Meter = 10Kwh in proof of work mining

MTRG Token

Proof of stake token for record keeping and governance


Earn block rewards in MTR

DeFi Infrastructure



Ethereum VM Compatible


1000s tps at launch, infinitely scalable


Finalize transactions in seconds


Start with BTC

Our Roadmap

Future Milestones are For Reference Only

Q1 2018

Project Started

Q1 2019

Testnet Beta

Q4 2019

Main Net Beta

Q2 2019

Testnet Alpha

Q2 2018

First Public Whitepaper

Q1 2020

Official Mainnet

Q3 2020

More Crosschain & Scaling Functionalities


Our Team

Xiaohan Zhu

Product & Architecture

Young Yu

Architecture & Engineering

Simon Zhang


Jun Xu

Architecture & Engineering

David Shao

Cryptography & Engineering

Altay Sabyrbay


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